About us

The Große Mühle (“Large Mill”) of Gebrüder Engelke, located in Hasede, has stood for progressive food production of wheat flours for over 300 years. The Engelke family has owned and run the mill since 1714. Today, the traditional company is successfully run by Christof Engelke and his cousin Joachim Engelke and is one of the largest private mills throughout Germany.

We are situated directly at Hildesheimer Börde belonging to the most fertile land in Germany. Thus, we can acquire the wheat directly from the surrounding agriculture and maintain a regional base. We produce custom made wheat flour!

Unique selling points

We place great emphasis on customer proximity. Direct and straightforward contact with our customers is essential to us. The members of our family provide direct support to most of our customers and ensure that any wishes regarding special flour qualities are fulfilled. Through many years of faithful cooperation both our employees and our customers express their satisfaction.

We also offer special requirements such as non-CCC flour (stalk-shortening chlormequat chloride) or kosher flour.