The procedural advancement of the food production resulted in a changed image and altered requirements on our trade.

Today certifications according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and IFS (International Food Standard) are mandatory and are an important quality feature. Please click here for further information and download of our certificates:

Cleanliness, reliability, and quality are the key factors of our daily work. We have a company-owned lab which regularly verifies and ensures the adherence to these factors. We take samples of each grain delivery and examine these samples to guarantee the high quality of the raw materials and check for harmful substances. We examine our products on a regular basis to make sure that we provide a consistently high quality to our customers.

Our quality management is complemented by our in-house bakery – because you cannot produce perfect baked goods until the flour has the proper quality.

Your products rank first. For this reason we are both the direct contact and the advisor for new recipes.